An appeal to all the Victims of Country Vacations Fraud!

Let me begin by saying that I am aware of the immense pain caused by these fraudsters, and I totally empathizes with your situation; As someone who was traumatized by these cheaters, I can understand the mental torture that you must be going through.

And this is the precise reason for creating the blog. I don’t want anyone else to go through the suffering that I underwent while recovering my hard-earned money. When I started searching for a way to get out of this sticky issue, to my shock, I realized there is no know path. I must have interacted with a 50+ victims. Everyone wanted to teach a lesson, but none of them actually have a concrete vision of getting back at Country Vacations. I have done lot of research and burned too many mid-night candles to find a path and I am proud to say that this blog is result of my countless hours of research.

The process explained on this blog allows you to get refund easily, and I have explained in a very detailed manner using plain English.

Yet, many of the victims do not want to spend even a few hours trying to read the blog, and repeatedly ask the same questions.

Some of the questions that appear regularly include:

  1. I am of the victims of Country Vacations; please mail me the steps to get refund!
    1. The process is already explained in the blog. What more do you want?
  2. My Bank is asking for a reference number ( or ticket number – which bank provides when your complaint is noted by the bank) of a person who got the refund from Country Vacations. Please share the reference number.
    1. Bank treats each complaint uniquely; Reference number will do no good to you. If the bank personal really wants to find whether someone got refund, they can easily search in their system / database. I am certain bank people will never ask for a reference number. Yet, people all the time post this question on the blog.
  3. I am planning to approach a lawyer and file a case, if anyone else wants to join, let me know.
    1. I have seen these sort of comments too many times, yet , I have never came across someone who has actually filed a case. A few did went ahead and filed a complaint with the Consumer Forum. But none were able to drag the Country Club to the court.

These are only a few questions that I have outlined, but there are lot of repetitions.

I would request all of you to note that the service I am offering if for free.I do not charge anyone. In return for my services, all I ask you is to kindly respect my time. Please read the blog and the comments before you post a question!

In the past 3 years or so, since I have started this blog, more than 150+ victims have got refund amounting to around 85 lacks (not counting those who got refund, but choose not to even say thank you!). Yet, unfortunately, none of them have decide to help the blog by replying to the many comments that are posted on the blog.

As I am single-handedly working on helping as many victims as I can, it would be really be helpful for me if you can read the process before asking questions.

So please please read the blog before posting a comment.

I promise each of you that I would do my best to help you recover your hard-earned money.

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15+ Country Club victims get refund !!!

Country Club victims approach the Bangalore Police and file a case against Country Club forcing the club to refund their membership fee. Here is the link..

If any of you have been cheated by the Club by promising to give free land, I suggest that you file a complaint ASAP!

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Go ahead and file a case against your bank

Remember whether you were cheated a day back or a decade back, you can (and should) always drag the bank (whose card you have used to swipe for CV membership) to the court for being an accomplice in this fraud.

Banks should be made accountable for these sorts of frauds.  File a case in Consumer Court against the Bank even before you file a case against CV. For easy reference use the link:

This should help you in drafting the case.

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New FaceBook Page created!

I am not sure for how long this page will be active as Country Vacations is getting more and more desperate to stop me from exposing them..

But for now, you can follow me @

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Our Facebook page deleted!!

First- the most important posts of this blog have been deleted because someone from Russia claimed that I have copied the content from his website! wow!!

Now-  Facebook has decided that the Country Vacations page  has to be deleted as it is offensive. It appears a lot of satisfied Country Vacations customers have complained that I have been falsely accusing and spreading bad repute to CV.  These customers are genuinely happy with the services offered by Country Club….another WOW!!!!

If Country Vacations thinks that by relentless attacking the blog and closing the FB page they can stop me from exposing CV… then can’t be more wrong!!


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Country Vacations cheats blog moved to Blogspot

As WordPress is unhappy with me for ‘blemishing’ the reputation of Country Vacations, I have decided to move the site to a new address:

The layout in the new site is a bit different from what we have here and this weekend, I would try to put up a similar layout.

Please post all your comments in the new site. If you have any difficulty in finding the required details in the new site, mail me your questions, I would respond as soon as possible.

Thank you all for the support and if you have any suggestions, let me know!

“Let’s not ignore or forget the frauds committed by Country Vacations” 

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Country Vacation Cheats prominent posts deleted

Today, I have received the following mail from WordPress 

We have received a DMCA Takedown Notice ( for the following material published on your site:

As per the DMCA’s requirements, we have disabled public access to the material. If you do not have the legal rights to distribute the material, you are required to permanently delete the post and/or content and let us know when this has been done.

Republishing this material without permission of its copyright holder – or continuing to publish material that results in DMCA Takedown Notices – will result in a permanent suspension of your site and account. Publishing such material is a direct violation of the Terms of Service (, which you agreed to upon registration.

Repeated receipt of DMCA takedown notices for your site will also lead to its suspension. If you believe that this notice was received in error, it is important that you formally challenge this notice to ensure that your site remains operational.

We will be happy to forward the full DMCA Takedown Notice we received upon request.

If you wish to formally challenge this notice, we will provide you will all of the appropriate details.

Thank you.
Phil | Automattic Inc.

I have already challenged their ruling; but would take time for them to process and validate my statement before they pronounce a final verdict. 
In the meantime, if you have any queries, please post as comment in this post or write to me at 
This weekend I would check whether I can move the site to without being sujected to any further legal issues.
Friends let us not stop our fight against these frauds. This site has helped  countless people get their membership refund. 
We need to ensure that people are enlightened about the fraudulent activities of Country Club and I hope that you all are 100% behind me in this fight!
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